A Window into Life
Honorable Mention, 2008 NSF Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge

A Window into Life
features highlights from a suite of six animations produced for the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in 2007 to showcase active areas of scientific research. Topics from this suite include molecular biological themes, cell signaling and organogenesis, arranged to afford the viewer a glimpse of the inner workings of the human body across a spectrum of scales.

Window underscores the concept of life as an emergent property of highly coordinated physical and biochemical processes. Opening upon a single carbon-12 atom within a human DNA duplex, Window moves at a brisk trot through successively greater levels of scale and biological organization, ultimately arriving at an individual person--defining in one sense the meaning of being human.

Written and directed by Kenneth Eward.
Lead Animation: Travis Vermilye (www.tvermilye.com)
Lead Modeling: K. Eward

2007, 2008 K. Eward and T. Vermilye

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