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The Gallery is provided in two versions to accommodate individual preference and to address the differing capabilities of computers currently in use. These include an immersive virtual world format (VRML) and a conventional HTML point & click format. The HTML version provides superior imagery, but is surpassed by the VRML format in interactivity.The VRML gallery requires a VRML plug-in to allow your computer to display it properly. Several are available free of charge and can be accessed by clicking here.

A reasonably modern computer (Pentium III, Mac G3 or better) equipped with a fast graphics card is recommended for the VRML gallery. Be sure that you have enough system memory to support files of this size. You should also have a fast Internet connection (ISDN or better) or a considerable amount of patience to download the VRML version, as it is quite large: 2.4 MB to be exact. Textures in the VRML gallery may not display properly on all computers. This problem is related to inconsistencies in the way that different browsers and video cards display VRML data. If you notice this problem, you might try using a different VRML browser or visit the HTML gallery instead.

For optimal viewing, a screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels is recommended, although lower resolutions will work as well.

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