The Cell Visualization Project represents a new approach to understanding the internal structure of biological cells. Using advanced computer imaging techniques, real cells may be reconstructed in 3D from physical measurements. The computer reconstructions created through the Cell Visualization Project will permit cells to be explored interactively for education and research.

Initial efforts have been directed toward the reconstruction of a human white blood cell from serial transmission electron micrographs. The specific type of cell under study is a neutrophil. Neutrophils are by far the most common of all white blood cell types and constitute a key checkpoint in the body's defense against infectious disease. The reconstructed neutrophil is presented below in the form of a brief guided tour. This exhibit will be expanded in future.

The Guided Tour

The Cell Visualization Project is supported by funding from the U.S. Dept. of Education and by National Institutes of Health grants 1R43RR14138 to BioGrafx and RR01219 awarded by the Biotechnology Area Nation Center for Research Resources (DHHR/PHS) for maintenance of the Wadsworth Biological Microscopy Facility as a National Biotechnological Resource.


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